Hotel Management

Centriq Hotel Management acts as agent for the owning company of the hotel to:

  • Apply for all licenses and permits required for the operation of the hotel
  • Implement all policies and procedures related to the operation of the hotel
  • Assist in the purchase all FF&E, operating materials and supplies for the operation of the hotel
  • Determine guidelines and procedures for the recruitment, retention, training, supervision, direction and dismissal of all hotel staff
  • Implement clear sales, revenue and distribution strategies
  • Develop and implement advertising, promotion, marketing, publicity and other similar programs for the hotel
  • Provide accounting and financial reporting
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Offer the best technological solutions for the running of the hotel
  • Cause all needed repairs and maintenance works

In a nutshell, we operate the hotel on behalf of the owner.

As an option to our hotel management services, we can also offer participation to our Centriq Shared Services. Depending on the size and complexity of your hotel or portfolio of hotels, you may want to outsource some key functions such as financial reporting, revenue management, HR services to our shared services platform in order to optimize cost and improve quality of the service.

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